Social Contributions

At DCI Community Housing Services, we believe we have the ability and plans to contribute towards government objectives to create jobs, alleviate poverty and provide for human settlement.

While on the surface poverty is often defined as a lack of income or assets, in the day-to-day lives of the very poor, poverty becomes a network of disadvantages, each one exacerbating the others. The result is generation after generation of people in chronically poor communities lacking access to health care, adequate housing, good nutrition and education; vulnerable to a host of evils, and powerless to improve their circumstances. These conditions often carry with them dysfunctional family and societal relationships, paralyzing low self-esteem, and spiritual darkness.

At DCI CHS, we understand that poor people in everywhere have skills and initiative that they want to use to lift their families out of poverty. Instead of a handout in the form of aid, many thousands of poor clients have received a hand up through training and small business loans. Through our partnerships with various Trusts for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) listed below, DCI CHS has helped the very poor people to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty by providing training programs, provide children’s education including gifted underprivileged persons to realize their fullest potential through education in appropriate fields of study at tertiary level.